Racist Marine Who Bragged He ‘Cracked 3 Skulls Open’ In Charlottesville Gets A Light Sentence

Despite photo proof of vicious, racially motivated assaults, a neo-Nazi and member of the U.SA. Marine Corps received minimal punishment for his participation in the deadly white supremacist rally last year in Charlottesville.

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Vasillios Pistolis, a 19-year-old Marine lance corporal, received a sentence from the military of 30 days confinement for disobeying orders and making false statements, though it’s unclear if he will serve behind bars or his quarters. Military officials also reduced his rank to private first class and docked his pay, ProPublica reported on Wednesday.

The Marine Corps was also processing him for a discharge, which could stretch on for months if he decides to appeal.

Military officials pursued charges that were “the lowest level of court martial the Marine Corps could’ve decided to bring against him,” Ed Beck, a veteran who reported Pistolis’ white supremacist activities to the military, said.

Last year, Vasillios Pistolis, a US Marine Corps lance corporal, bragged online that he “cracked 3 skulls open with virtually no damage to myself.”

Now, he’ll likely be forced out of the Marine Corps.

— ProPublica (@ProPublica) June 20, 2018

Meanwhile, civilian law enforcement officials reportedly had no interest in pursuing charges against the Marine. In addition, University of Virginia police investigated Pistolis’ involvement in the violent rally but said it “will not move forward” with any action, a spokesperson told the news outlet.

That was puzzling, considering the unabashed racist boasted about assaulting anti-racism counter-protesters at the rally.

“Today cracked 3 skulls open with virtually no damage to myself,” Pistolis posted in a white supremacist chat room on the day of the Charlottesville rally. Photographs taken at the event showed him using a wooden flagpole to strike a protester.

Pistolis also patted himself on the back in a separate post for assaulting Charlottesville activist Emily Gorcenski at the rally. Several videos showed him kicking at her.

“I remain concerned that

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Outraged! This Black Doctor Couldn’t Even Go To Her House Without Man Calling Cops

A Black doctor was confronted by a man who called the police on her outside of her gated community in Atlanta on Monday (June 18). The man tried to block Nnenna Aguocha from going to her home with his SUV because she was Black, she said.

“He got out of the car and threatened to call the police on me because I was trespassing,” Aguocha, who has been living in the Buckhead Townhome community for nearly eight years, said in a video recording taken at the scene. “This is racial profiling at its finest.”

Apparently, Black people can’t go to their own homes without being racially profiled by someone. Aguocha, who had just come off of an overnight shift, was held up for 30 minutes because of the man’s racist behavior. She asked him to move his vehicle repeatedly as he blocked the gate arm into the community. When the man didn’t budge, she was forced to prove to him—and later to police—that she lived at the property, Atlanta’s 11Alive reported.

'Racial profiling at its finest' | Black doctor says man used SUV to keep her out of her community

— 11Alive News (@11AliveNews) June 20, 2018

“When [the officer] arrived, the gentleman proceeded to say once again I was trespassing on the property, and I said, ‘Actually, sir, I do,'” she said. “And I used my gate clicker to click the gate open, and it was at that point where she said, ‘Sir, you see, she actually does live here.'”

Aguocha, who also called the police after the man called the cops, said the man didn’t believe that she lived in the townhomes and accused her of following him to the community. The man later moved his vehicle from blocking her, but she still felt that the incident happened at a time when people are feeling “emboldened to act upon their biases.” She acknowledged to 11Alive that several racial profiling incidents targeting people of color have happened in recent months, including two Black men, Rashon Nelson and Donte Robinson, who were wrongfully arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks on April 12.

“(They) do whatever they want to do because there are no repercussions,” Agoucha said. “I know that things like this happen all the time and I am not exe

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Black Residents Flee Chicago As Experts Say Chances For Success Diminish

The Windy City isn’t providing the opportunities longtime Black residents need to succeed, so they’re leaving in droves, according to experts.

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New census data revealed that Cook County’s Black population has declined for a seventh consecutive year, the Chicago Sun Times reported. And the trend is accelerating. Between 2016 and 2017, African-American residents left the county at a higher rate than before.

“People associate with being successful and having a higher quality of life in areas that exist outside of Chicago. Whether that be in the suburbs or in other cities,” Darnell Shields, executive director of the community organization Austin Coming Together, noted.

Cook County has the largest non-Hispanic black population in the country, but newly released census data shows the population is declining for the seventh straight year, @_ManuelRamos_ reports.

— Chicago Sun-Times (@Suntimes) June 21, 2018

Gentrification is one of the main forces behind the exodus. Cook County’s Black population diminished by 1.15 percent last year, which represents a decline of more than 14,000 Black residents. Meanwhile, more than 16,000 new residents of diverse backgrounds have replaced them since 2010.

Finding affordable housing is a major challenge, according to a report from DePaul University’s Institute for Housing Studies. About 182,000 people who need low-cost housing are struggling to find a place to live in Cook County.

At the same time, Illinois has the highest Black unemployment rate in the nation. It has consistently been among the states with the highest Black unemployment rate for almost every quarter since 2016. Many employment experts blame the loss of job opportunities on the poor education system, which has long plagued Chicago public schools.

“The population lost story is largely about lower income and younger African-American families and their challenges to find affordable housing and connections to the job market,”

Alden Loury, the director of research and evaluation at the Metropolitan Planning Council, summed it up to the newspaper.

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San Francisco Ends Excessive Court Fees That Keep Offenders In Debt

San Francisco will make history on July 1 when it becomes the first jurisdiction in the nation to stop charging ex-offenders fees that keep many of them in debt and on the brink of reoffending. The overhaul also affects those found guilty of minor offenses, including traffic law violations.

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The city’s Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in May to pass an ordinance to eliminate a range of fees charged to those exiting the criminal justice system, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Under the old system, San Francisco could charge people a $50 monthly probation fee, which typically lasts for three years. Officials could also charge up to $35 a day for an electronic monitor. Across the state, running a red light could result in a $390 fee in addition to a $100 fine.

Jurisdictions in practically every state charge similar fees to people convicted of criminal offenses—from felonies to minor infractions—to help cover the cost of operating the criminal justice system.

San Francisco just got rid of unfair criminal justice fees. Other counties should do the same. @sfgov

— SacBeeEditorialBoard (@SacBeeEditBoard) June 20, 2018

As a practical matter in the decision to stop the fees, more than 80 percent of charges went unpaid, the Chronicle said. The fee system also disproportionately impacted low-income and minority residents.

“These financial burdens frequently hit individuals at the precise moment they are trying to turn their lives around. The vast majority of people exiting jail or prison are unemployed, have unstable housing, have no steady source of income and find work difficult or nearly impossible to obtain after release,” said San Francisco Mayor-elect London Breed, who authored the ordinance.

The fees are “an anemic and counterproductive source of revenue,” Anne Stuhldreher, director of The Financial Justice Project in the San Francisco treasurer’s office, wrote in a Sacramento Bee op-ed.

She added: “These fees are assessed on individuals who have already served time in jail, paid other fines or are paying victim restitution. They are supposed to cover costs, not create more punishment.”

San Francisco&rs

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