A Tale Of Two Arrests: After Starbucks, Where Are The Calls For A Waffle House Boycott?

The violent, borderline sexual arrest of a young black woman in a Waffle House restaurant came on the heels of a similarly unjustified pair of arrests at a Starbucks. Yet unlike in Philadelphia, there have been muted calls, if any at all, for a boycott of the breakfast food chain.

In fact, there doesn’t seem to have been a single Waffle House protest even though a company spokesperson said “police intervention was appropriate” for what has been reported as a disagreement over a request for plastic ware.

So Waffle House is standing by their racist waitress calling police on a Black women because she questioned an attempt to charge for plastic utensils, despite police violently assaulting that woman, so everyone ready to boycott Starbucks two weeks ago, where you at?

— Mx. Amadi (@amaditalks) April 23, 2018

Meanwhile, the Starbucks CEO, who is White and was apparently mortified at the clear racist treatment his now-former employee gave two Black men, followed the racial blunder damage control playbook to a tee by criticizing the police and apologizing for that arrest.

So why the discrepancy between reactions to each arrest?

I’d like somebody to explain why y’all won’t boycott Waffle House for that Black woman like y’all did Starbucks for those Black men. I’ll wait.

— Rah (@IamRah) April 23, 2018

Are Black folks so married to the low prices and 24-7 convenience of every Waffle House that we’re unwilling to demand justice in this circumstance but cry foul in other similar ones in businesses that don’t market to communities of color?

No matter how you spin it, there was absolutely no reason for the style in which Chikesia Clemons was arrested at a Waffle House in Saraland, Alabama, last weekend. If police were serious about trying to execute justice, they could have at the very least dispatched a female officer to take Clemons into custody. Instead, they sent in the all-male goon brigade to rough up a young woman and threaten to break her arm if she didn’t comply. How could any self-respecting business defend that? Yet, Waffle House did.

This statement is appalling. We saw the video & read the accounts. Your waitress overcharged, lied, & proceeded to call the cops on two nonthreatening black women, one who ended up being sex

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Golf Club Tries To Whitesplain Calling Police On Black Women Who Posed No Threat

A Pennsylvania golf club owner, like a Starbucks manager who called the police on two Black men in Philadelphia, gave some fake, messed-up and offensive explanation for why cops were called on five Black women golfers on Saturday.

The five women, who said they were racially profiled during a friendly game at the Grandview Golf Club in York, Pennsylvania, were told by the club’s co-owner that their “voices escalated.” The co-owner also said that police were called to the scene to “ensure an amicable resolution,” the York Daily Record reported. Really?

Sandra Thompson, Myneca Ojo, Karen Crosby, as well as sisters Sandra Harrison and Carolyn Dow, were minding their business when a club owner came up to them with some ridiculous story that they were “not keeping the pace of play.” Really? Can we say this is a golfing-while-Black incident?

Then, the women were told they were taking too long of a break between the golf course’s first and second halves. Again, really?

"It was a horrific experience"

— New York Post (@nypost) April 24, 2018

The women were then asked to exit stage left and offered a refund, but things got even more insane when the cops were called by the golf club. Say what?

What always astounds me in these situations is that people could avoid so much embarrassment if they approached said black person and talked rather than CALL THE POLICE

— Astead (@AsteadWesley) April 24, 2018

The absurd harassment was so disturbing that three of the women left the club. They were treated like criminals in the same way that the two men at the Philly Starbucks were for only sitting while Black. Racially charged incidents, like the ones involving the five women and the two men at Starbucks, make you question the sanity of folks who call law enforcement for no logical reason.

Apparently, speaking up for yourself as a Black person means that you are about to turn into the Hulk and only cops can ensure that you calm down. Again, really?

They called the police on a group of Black women *members* of the golf club because they were playing to slowly.

*blank stare*

Are you fucking kidding me

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Report: Sean Hannity Got Rich From A Government Program While Demonizing Black People On Welfare

Fox News host Sean Hannity, who reportedly built part of his wealth with assistance from the federal government while stereotyping Blacks as abusers of the system and condemning poor people who depend on government subsidies for their survival, comes across as quite the hypocrite.

See Also: Here’s What We Know About Sean Hannity’s Entanglement In The Trump Investigation

Records indicate that the conservative news pundit used multiple shell companies to shield his identity as the person who spent at least $90 million to purchase 877 residential properties, spread out across several states, the Guardian reported. His portfolio benefited from a program under President Barack Obama‘s administration and increased in value under Ben Carson‘s Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The investigation stemmed from the unexpected revelation that Hannity was a client of President Donald Trump’s private attorney, Michael Cohen, who’s under criminal investigation. A judge ordered Cohen’s lawyers to reveal the identity of his clients during at an April 16 hearing.

Sean Hannity is linked to $90 million of properties bought through shell companies with help from federal government

— Newsweek (@Newsweek) April 24, 2018

Hannity has used his popular cable news program to decry government aid to the poor, going out of his way to stigmatize Blacks as people who game the system. However, Hannity had no problem using a federal program to build his real estate empire.

The talk show host purchased dozens of properties with mortgages for $17.9 million with the help of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which insured the loans under the federal government’s National Housing Act program.

Those loans were guaranteed under the Obama administration and increased by $ 5 million with support from Carson, President Donald Trump’s housing secretary.

Hannity was one of the fiercest Obama critics, including falsely blaming the nation’s first Black president for the housing foreclosure crisis. However, Hannity had no problem scooping up scores of discounted foreclosed properties in 2013.


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Shocker! Black Man Shoots At White Man And Cleared Under The Stand Your Ground Law

In December of 2015, 25-year-old Devin Gibbs was in line at a North Miami-Dade McDonald’s. A older white man named  Phillip Ledea began accusing him of cutting the line. According to the Miami Herald, Ledea began hollering unprovoked racial slurs, “‘I got something for you … N****r I’ll kill you … N****r I’m gonna shoot you,’ he told Gibbs, according to defense lawyers. Gibbs left the McDonald’s while waiting for his food, video surveillance showed, then came back once Ledea had sat down to eat.”

SEE ALSO: Calls For Starbucks Boycott After The Company’s Weak Apology For A Racist Arrest

Devin reportedly picked up his order and left the restaurant, but Ledea followed “screaming threats” from the open door, according to a defense motion. “‘Gibbs believed that this time [Ledea] was armed and was coming outside to act on his threat to kill him or do serious bodily harm,’ lawyers Andrew Rier and Jonathan Jordan wrote in their request to throw out the case. According to the lawyers, the surveillance video showed Ledea ‘grab toward his waistband’ as though he had a gun.

Devin reportedly threw down his food, pulled out his own gun and fired one shot, shattering the glass door and sending terrified customers scrambling for cover. Nobody was shot or injured. Phillip Ledea had a history of arrests and admitted he drank beer that day and “that he had engaged in fighting other kids ages 18-20.” See the man below.


Devin Gibbs was arrested and charged with aggravated battery with a weapon and carrying a concealed weapon. However, three years later he finally been cleared. The The Miami Herald reports, “He persuaded a Miami judge that he was only acting in self-defense when he fired at Phillip Ledea at the door of the fast food restaurant in December 2015. A Miami judge this month tossed out felony charges against Gibbs.”

It is an understatement to say that the Stand Your Ground law rarely works for Black people. George Zimmerman was acquitted of killing Trayvon Martin under the law. However, thankfully it worked in this case, but you can’t help

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Cops Said ‘We’re Gonna Kill You’ To Unarmed Diante Yarber After Using Racist Slur, Attorney Says

It’s been more than two weeks since police killed another unarmed Black father in Barstow, California after Stephon Clark‘s fatal shooting. The families of both Diante Yarber and Clark are still left wondering when justice will come for these young fathers.

RELATED: Diante Yarber: Here’s Everything We Know About Unarmed Father Killed By Police

Excessive force and talk of misconduct concerning officers have been cited in both deadly shootings, with an attorney revealing a cop’s racist past in Yarber’s case.

One of the officers who killed Yarber, who was struck by 10 bullets out of some 30 revealed by witnesses and according to a medical report, was convicted of a hate crime in 2010, S. Lee Merritt, a civil rights attorney hired by Yarber’s family, said. Cops also used racist slurs to refer to Yarber, a father of three, during the April 5 shooting at a Walmart store, Merritt added.

You can't make this up.

I am told that the police officer who shot and killed Diante "Butchie" Yarber, an unarmed black man, in the parking lot of the @Walmart in Barstow, CA was previously arrested for a hate crime against a Black couple, plead guilty, and fired for it.

— Shaun King (@ShaunKing) April 23, 2018

One of the officers said “[Expletive] We’re gonna kill you” to Yarber, witnesses told Merritt.

Cops responded to a call about a “suspicious” vehicle that Yarber was driving at Walmart and claimed the young man hit a police car during the encounter, ABC reported. Witnesses and Merritt have repeatedly said that Yarber posed no threat, saying he was only slowly backing out of a parking lot spot when officers fired their guns. Yarber’s fatal shooting, like that of Clark, was also seen as unjustified, witnesses added. They also believe that officers also failed to provide medical aid to Yarber after he firing at him.

Yarber’s cause of death was asphyxiation, Merritt said. If medical aid was rendered quickly, then the young man may not have choked on his own blood, witnesses said.

Barstow police have not officially released any of the names of the officers. However, one officer was identified as Jimmie Alfred Walker by sources who spoke with Merritt. Walker was convicted of h

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