90% of households won't see a bigger tax bill under Democrats' $3.5 trillion plan

Democrats are inching closer to achieving their long-term goal of reforming the federal tax system so that the wealthy pay a higher rate than they do now -- or what President Joe Biden refers to as their "fair share."

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Mothers turn grief into action in the fight against childhood cancer

Changing the world is an ambitious goal that can feel impossible, but two mothers are doing it one piece of legislation at a time. This week, these two behind-the-scenes influencers will be front and center lobbying members of Congress on behalf of children with cancer.

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House GOP's impeachment backers vow to stay in the midterm fight against Trump and his allies

Nearly all of the House Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump are signaling they're committed to defending their seats and going head-to-head with the Trump wing of the party, teeing up a massive intraparty showdown and putting GOP leaders in the crosshairs of the vindictive former President.

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Biden officials stress Quad is an 'unofficial gathering,' 'not a military alliance,' ahead of first in-person meeting

President Joe Biden will host the leaders of India, Australia and Japan at the White House on Friday for the first in-person meeting of "The Quad," an informal group of countries that many see as an effort to push back against China's influence in the Indo-Pacific region -- and one that Beijing has criticized as representing a Cold War mentality.

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