5 Stocks You Shouldn’t Hold Through the Next Recession

It's easy to predict that a recession will come eventually. They always do. The trick is in the when - and even the most experienced experts take a lot of swings without making contact.

But more strategists and economists are increasing their odds of a forthcoming recession. An August survey by the National Association for Business Economics showed that three of four economists expect a recession by 2021. It could come sooner than that. Also in August, Bank of America analysts said there's a greater-than-30% chance of a recession within 12 months. In a June interview, economist Gary Shilling said, "I think we're probably already in a recession."

There are plenty of potential catalysts. Numerous international central banks are easing their policies to battle slowing economic growth. America's Federal Reserve is no exception - it just announced the second cut in its benchmark interest rate this year. The U.S.-China trade war is exacerbating things, with a salvo of tariffs weighing on consumers here and abroad. This has been reflected in the Treasury yield curve, which has inverted several times in 2019 - a recessionary warning sign.

Don't look to these five stocks for recession protection. Many businesses surely will feel the pinch of an economic pullback. But these five better-known names - while fine companies in some respects - have issues such as high debt levels and struggling growth despite the economic expansion that might make a downturn more painful for them than others.

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