Baby Boom! Houston Woman Gives Birth to 3 Sets of Twins in 9 Minutes: 'This Is Miraculous!'

Baby Boom! Houston Woman Gives Birth to 3 Sets of Twins in 9 Minutes: 'This Is Miraculous!'

A Texas woman is doing well after giving birth to six babies all within nine minutes of each other at a Houston hospital last week.

Thelma Chiaka welcomed two sets of twin boys and one set of twin girls between 4:50 a.m. and 4:59 a.m. local time on March 15 at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas, the hospital announced.

“The babies were born at weights ranging from one pound, 12 ounces and two pounds, 14 ounces,” hospital officials said in the statement. “They are in stable condition and will continue to receive care in the hospital’s advanced neonatal intensive care unit.”

The odds of having sextuplets are estimated at one in 4.7 billion, the statement read.

Chiaka has named her daughters Zina and Zuriel, according to the hospital, but it is unclear whether she has chosen names for her sons.

A photo shared by the hospital showed a smiling Chiaka in a hospital bed with a relative, Ebere Ofor, and three doctors at her side.

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Hospital staff shared the news in a Facebook post, and social media users flocked to the comment section to weigh in on the births.

“Woooooow this is miraculous, mama your are really blessed. congratulations be strong happy always,” one person wrote.

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Another added: “I could not imagine giving birth to 6 babies but at least you can say your done now and get the baby stages all over at one time! Congrats momma I bet their all gorgeous.”

One social media user even encouraged Chiaka to take advantage of her newfound “luck.”

“Go get a powerball ticket with that kind of luck you could be the next half a billionaire….” they commented.

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RHOA's Eva Marcille Says She Lives in Multiple Places to Hide from Allegedly Abusive Ex

RHOA's Eva Marcille Says She Lives in Multiple Places to Hide from Allegedly Abusive Ex

Eva Marcille got candid about her contentious relationship with ex-boyfriend Kevin McCall on Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, claiming that she and her family have had to move five times to flee from him.

The 34-year-old model — who split from McCall back in 2015, a year after giving birth to their daughter, Marley Rae — said she’s taken multiple restraining and protective orders out against McCall, alleging domestic abuse.

“I still feel a sense of threat,” said Marcille, referring to McCall as “Marley’s donor” only. “I have had to move five times, and I still feel a sense of uneasiness. He’s just so petty sometimes. I’ve walked outside of my balcony before and he’s been standing in the dark. And it is the scariest feeling ever.”

Marcille claimed that she even involved the FBI at one point. She now lives in more than one house to make it harder for McCall to track her and Marley, 5, down, she said.

“Every time I move, he finds me,” Marcille said. “Because of that, I live in multiple places. Safety is a priority for me.”

McCall did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment, but the 33-year-old record producer, rapper, singer and songwriter has been outspoken on social media about Marcille since their breakup.

In November 2017, McCall reportedly disowned his daughter and scrubbed all her pictures from his Instagram account. Just last week, he clapped back at Marcille’s claim that her new husband, Michael Sterling — with whom she shares 5-month-old son Michael, Jr. — is Marley’s true father.

“Imma just sit this right here. No debate necessary,” he wrote, tweeting a photo of a Google search showing “McCall” as Marley’s last name.

He then claimed that he was the victim of “parental alienation,” writing, “I’m sorry for every one who had a s—ty father. Unfortunately I’m nothing like him, I’m just trying to set up ‘supervised visitation’ at a police station.”

“I’ve been around willing and able to help for years now and you don’t speak on that!” McCall also wrote to Marcille. “Time to heal babe 🙏🏿 it’s time to let go and let GOD.”

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HBO's The Case Against Adnan Syed Discovers Evidence That Calls Verdict into Question

HBO's The Case Against Adnan Syed Discovers Evidence That Calls Verdict into Question

Adnan Syed was sentenced in 2000 to life in prison for the 1999 kidnapping and murder of his 18-year-old Baltimore high school classmate and ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee.

Now, as Syed remains behind bars despite the fact that a court overturned his conviction, HBO is unveiling a new four-part documentary about the controversial trial, titled The Case Against Adnan Syed. 

In a clip from Sunday night’s episode, Adnan’s attorney Susan Simpson recounts sorting through the files from the trial to get everything in order. That’s how she found a document that outlines how to read the cell reception findings, which were used during the trial to pinpoint Syed’s location.

“It also says, ‘Outgoing calls only are reliable for location status. Any incoming calls will not be considered liable information for location,’ ” Simpson recalls. “I ask Rabia , ‘Hey, it turns out those calls aren’t reliable.’ And she goes, ‘Oh yeah, no one’s ever seen that before.’ “

“This is a piece of evidence no one ever realized existed for all these years,” echoes Chaudry, an attorney and friend of Syed’s who advocates for him.

“Every call that they use to show something incriminating is an incoming call. The only calls linking Adnan to the burial site are the incoming calls. The only calls linking Adnan to Kristi’s place are the incoming calls,” Simpson explains.

Efforts by Syed’s supporters to free him from prison were jumpstarted when Serial, hosted by former Baltimore Sun reporter Sarah Koenig, came out in 2014.

The podcast interviewed Syed’s high school classmate Asia McClain, who provided an alibi for him by saying she was with him at the time prosecutors claimed he had killed Lee.

WATCH: Adnan Syed of Serial Podcast Will Get a New Trial as Murder Conviction Is Vacated

However, McClain was not interviewed or called at trial by Syed’s original attorney, who has since died. Syed’s conviction was vacated and he was granted a new trial in 2016 when a judge agreed with the contention of Syed’s new attorney that he received deficient representation during his murder trial because McClain wasn’t called.

The Lee family has previously said Syed’s efforts to be freed were painful and that they believed he was her killer.


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Patriots' Rob Gronkowski Announces Retirement at 29: It’s 'Time to Move Forward'

Patriots' Rob Gronkowski Announces Retirement at 29: It’s 'Time to Move Forward'

Over a month after winning the Super Bowl, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski announced on Sunday he’s retiring from the NFL.

“It all started at 20 years old on stage at the NFL draft when my dream came true, and now here I am about to turn 30 in a few months with a decision I feel is the biggest of my life so far. I will be retiring from the game of football today,” he wrote on Instagram, alongside a shot of himself celebrating the team’s Super Bowl LIII win.

Gronkowski, who will turn 30 on May 14, went on to thank team owner Robert Kraft, 77, and head coach Bill Belichick, 66.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity that Mr. Kraft and Coach Belichick gave to me when drafting my silliness in 2010. My life experiences over the last 9 years have been amazing both on and off the field,” he continued. “The people I have met, the relationships I have built, the championships I have been of, I just want to thank the whole New England Patriots organization for every opportunity.”

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The athlete went on to thank all of his fans for standing by him throughout his career.

“Thank you to all of Pats Nation around the world for the incredible support since I have been of this 1st class organization. Thank you for everyone accepting who I am and the dedication I have put into my work to be the best player I could be,” he wrote. “Now its time to move forward and move forward with a big smile knowing that the New England Patriots Organization, Pats Nation, and all my fans will be truly a big part of my heart for the rest of my life.”

“It was truly an incredible honor to play for such a great established organization and able to come in to continue and contribute to keep building success,” he continued. “To all my current and past teammates, thank you for making each team every year special to be of. I will truly miss you guys. Cheers to all who have been part of this journey, cheers to the past for the incredible memories, and a HUGE cheers to the uncertain of whats next.”

Within minutes, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, 41, replied to the post, writing, “Love u man!!”

“Couldn’t be a better person or teammate!!!!” he

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Georgia Tech Football Player Brandon Adams Dies at 21, Days Before Start of Spring Practice

Georgia Tech Football Player Brandon Adams Dies at 21, Days Before Start of Spring Practice

Brandon Adams, a football player for Georgia Tech, has died. He was 21.

The school announced Adams’ death on Sunday, sharing that the rising senior died on Saturday in Atlanta. No further information about his death has been released.

“All of us here at Georgia Tech send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Brandon Adams,” Georgia Tech president G. P. “Bud” Peterson said in a statement. “We ask that you keep them in your thoughts and prayers.”

“Our entire Georgia Tech football family is heartbroken by the news of Brandon’s passing,” added head coach Geoff Collins, who was hired by the school in December. “In the short time that I have had the privilege and honor of knowing Brandon, I admired and respected him, first and foremost as a terrific human being, but also as an outstanding teammate and leader. Jennifer and I offer our thoughts, prayers and unconditional support to his parents, Lisa and Reginald, his sister, Rian, and all of his family and friends, especially his brothers in our football program.”

Our hearts are broken by the sudden passing of Brandon Adams. He was a tremendous teammate and friend. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family during this difficult time.

— Georgia Tech Sports (@GTAthletics) March 24, 2019

Throughout his three years as a member of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, Adams played in 33 games, and the athlete had a particularly good season in 2018.

That year, Adams recorded 24 tackles and played in 33 out of the season’s 37 games, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, which published a profile on the athlete just hours before his death. The story labeled Adams a player to watch on account of his impressive statistics on the field.

According to the outlet, his death occurred three days before the start of spring practices.

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Prior to his collegiate career, Adams, who was born in Brentwood, Tennessee, distinguished himself as a star athlete in high school.

At the Brentwood Academy, Adams participated in football, wrestling and track and field; won 11 high

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