Justice For Jelani Day: Carmen Bolden Day Says Police Have Been Unmotivated And Unresponsive In Her Son’s ‘Unusual’ Disappearance And Death

The past month has been absolutely devastating for the family and friends of Jelani Day.

Jelani Day


The Illinois State University grad student was reported missing by his family on August 25 and the search didn’t end until Bloomington, Illinois authorities confirmed on September 23 that they identified his body. Now Day’s family continues to search for answers about who or what cut his life short.

According to People, Bloomington authorities have not yet determined the cause or manner of death. “From a police standpoint, it was unusual from the get-go. That is why we had a detective assigned the next day,” Bloomington Police Officer John Fermon said.

Jelani’s body was recovered from a river about 60 miles from his campus in nearby Peru, IL. Shortly after his disappearance was reported, the 25-year-old’s car was recovered in a wooded area of Peru with the clothing day was last seen wearing.

Officer Fermon said everything they know about this tragic case offered more questions than answers.

“Usually when we have missing persons or runaways there is usually a story behind why they ran away,” he said. “They might have had marital issues or they just wanted to get away. He was close with his family. He was attending ISU. There wasn’t an underlying explanation as to why he went missing. Usually there is an underlying reason why they go missing and there wasn’t for Jelani. He just went missing and that is why we are trying to determine the circumstances around him going missing.”

Unfortunately, Fermon said the investigation might “take months or weeks to figure out the circumstances or we may never find out, sometimes you just never know.” Officials are still asking for anyone with more information about Day to come forward and contact Bloomington Police Department Detective Paul Jones at 309-434-2548 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

His mother, Carmen Bolden Day, questions how motivated they are to find her answers. She told CNN in a heartbreaking interview yesterday that officials from local police and the coroner’s office were dismissive, rude, and complacent. While the country was compelled to sympathy for Gabby Petito, who was reported missing on September 11 and recently found dead after the FBI assisted in the search, Carmen says she had to rely on loved ones and social media to put in the work to find Jelani.

“To them, Jelani didn’t mean anything. There’s no effort, there’s no push, there’s no nothing that was being done about my son. I did all that legwork, me and my kids,” Bolden Day said while fighting through tears. “My son didn’t get any type of help… He didn’t deserve this.”

Jelani’s mother said when local police briefed her on their most recent reports, they were already creating the narrative that these suspicious circumstances point to the aspiring doctor causing his own death. She didn’t have answers for why they would assert that her son might have driven himself to Peru, left his vehicle, walked to the river, and then stripped his clothes off before voluntarily entering the water. Even the implied theory of an accidental drowning rings hollow to Bolden Day, who says her son is a capable swimmer. Based on how Jelani and his family have been treated in the past month, Bloomington police need to be scrutinized as closely as this case.

We hope Jelani Day’s family can find comfort and healing as they continue to demand answers.

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Baby Daddy Of The Year, Nick Cannon, Says His Therapist Suggested Celibacy: “You Can’t Be Like, ‘No, I’m Done’”

We think it might be a little too late for Nick to hop on the celibacy train but his therapist thinks otherwise!

HollyGold And Yamashiro Hollywood Donate 2,000 Meals To The Community With The Help Of Nick Cannon And Ellen K.

Source: Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty

It’s very evident that Nick Cannon enjoys fatherhood, so much that he has a total of seven kids and wants to have more. He’s teased the idea of bringing more kids into this world and adding to his tribe however, his therapist thinks he should be celibate.

“Think about it, you can’t be like, ‘No, I’m done.’ Like what if God says, ‘No you not,’” Cannon told Entertainment Tonight before joking, “But I’m not sitting out here planning it. My therapist says I should be celibate.”

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A post shared by NICK CANNON (@nickcannon)

I mean the man has to be a little tired from all that baby making so taking a pause might be his best bet. He welcomed his 7th kid, baby Zen with model Alyssa Scott in July of 2021.

“I come from a big family, I have several siblings, being raised in an unorthodox family by my grandparents at times, I’ve experienced such a wide range of upbringing that I have such a love and passion for kids and family. I want a big family too,” Cannon, 40, confessed. “The Lord has blessed me with what I asked.”

Awwww that’s sweet, it really is but people wonder how in the world does Nick Cannon make time for all the kids? Between his hit show, “Wild ‘N Out,” hosting gig with “The Masked Singer,” radio show “Nick Cannon Mornings,” AND his soon to be daytime talk show where does he find the time?!

“They get my full attention when I’m not working,” he said. “And that’s the beauty of it because it kind of keeps me out of trouble. It’s either work or playing with my kids.”

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A post shared by Brittany Bell (@missbbell)

Let’s also be clear, Cannon is definitely doing all this on purpose. Every baby mama was strategically picked out for him to procreate with. Let’s run down the baby mama list shall we?

There’s the Queen herself, Mariah Carey who birthed fraternal twins, Monroe and Moroccan Scott.

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A post shared by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey)

Next up we have Brittany Bell, who Nick shares children Golden “Sagon” and Powerful Queen with.

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A post shared by Brittany Bell (@missbbell)

Now on to baby mother no. 3! Drumroll please…Abby De La Rosa who gave birthed to twin boys Zion and Zillion.

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A post shared by Abby De La Rosa (@hiabbydelarosa)

And last but probably not least baby mother no. 4, Alyssa Scott! Nick and Alyssa gave birthed to baby boy Zen in July of this year.

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A post shared by Alyssa (@itsalyssaemm)

Buddy sure does know how to pick them.

“Trust me, there’s a lot of people that I could’ve gotten pregnant that I didn’t,” he furthered. “The ones that got pregnant are the ones that were supposed to get pregnant.”

Outside of purposely shooting up the club because he wants a big family, Nick also admitted that he’s battling an autoimmune disease Lupus and he’s not sure when his time on Earth will be up.

“I’m probably gonna die sooner than most people… so let’s f–k all night! So why wear condoms? I might not be here tomorrow!”

Hey, to each it’s own. If he has the means to take care of all the kiddos and be a present father, then best of luck to him!

Do you think Nick should pause on having babies or keep em’ going? Let us know below!

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Friends In The Industry? Drake Gives J. Cole His Flowers Following Bashful ‘Bronze’ Bar On “Heaven’s EP”

Drake is telling J. Cole to stop all that humble isht, making it known that there’s a whole world of people who think he’s number one.

First Down Friday Hosted By Dwight Freeney

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

J. Cole’s The Off-Season Tour has officially begun, touching down at their first date in Miami on Friday, September 24. Despite the rapper’s opener, 21 Savage, experiencing some legal issues connected to a 2019 warrant, he ended up being quickly released, and the show went on.

Luckily for fans in Florida, they were treated to some amazing guest appearances, with both Future and Drake making their way onstage during Cole’s set. To make matters that much more meaningful, Drake used his time on the jumbotron to honor his peer after some recent bars that rubbed him the wrong way.

Earlier this week, Cole released “Heaven’s EP,” a track that uses the Toronto rapper’s “Pipe Down” beat.

On the song, Cole raps: “Some people say that I’m running third, they threw the bronze at me / Behind Drake and Dot, yeah, them n****s is superstars to me / Maybe deep down, I’m afraid of my luminosity.”

While he was on stage beside his longtime friend and collaborator, Drake had to let J. Cole know there are a lot of people who put him in that number one spot.

“I just like, I gotta say this ’cause I don’t always wanna have a heartfelt moment when we’re on stage together,” Drizzy said with a slight laugh. “You know, you did that ‘Pipe Down’ freestyle the other day. You was sayin’ in the freestyle that they gave you the bronze or whatever, me and Kendrick [Lamar]…I just want you to understand something. You are genuinely, without a doubt, one of the greatest rappers to ever touch a mic.”

“I just want to let you know, there’s way too many people in the world that think and know that Cole is in the top position,” he continued. “I love you with all my heart, you’re my brother, one of my favorite artists. Always appreciate you having me out here.”

It’s not often we see sweet, heartfelt moments like this between rappers–especially live, on stage. Because of that, it was apparent just how touched Cole was by Drake’s sentiment.

Check out the video for yourself down below:

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A post shared by The Neighborhood Talk, LLC (@theneighborhoodtalk)

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‘Bachelor’ Matt James Says He ‘100 Percent’ Felt Pressure To Pick A Black Woman On The Show [Video]

Following his time on The Bachelor, Matt James is admitting that he felt a lot of pressure to pick a Black woman as his partner….not enough to actually do that, but pressure, ya know?

Lupita Nyong'o Celebrates The Relaunch Of The Delta SkyMiles® American Express Cards In New York City On February 6, 2020

Source: Craig Barritt / Getty

Now that James is a contestant on Dancing With The Stars, he’s making his rounds to all the talk shows–something he didn’t really do following his season of The Bachelor because of all the controversy surrounding his now-girlfriend, Rachael Kirkconnell, and her racist past.

Despite saying they’d broken up during the show’s finale due to the resurfaced photos of Kirkconnell at an Antebellum South-themed party, they got back together soon after, and have been inseparable ever since. Truly heartwarming.

On The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday, guest host Arsenio Hall asked James about the pressures he faced being the franchise’s first Black male lead.

“It was a lot on both sides, because, you know, my dad’s Black and my mom’s white,” he said.

When asked whether he felt “pressure” to pick a Black woman in the end, James replied: “One hundred percent.”

“There was pressure on both sides,” he continued. “But ultimately, your heart leads you where love is and that’s what I followed.”

Matt went on to  say, “You’ve got to be very stern in how you feel about things. You don’t want to rush things, so we take things day by day and we’re very much in love and very happy right now.”

Check out more from Matt down below:

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#RHOLSC Pastoral Pettiness: Mary Cosby Calls Whitney Rose ‘Racist’, Accuses Costar Of ‘Taking Advantage Of Women’

Alright Andy, come get your girls.


There’s BIG drama afoot concerning the ladies of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and it once again concerns racism allegations. Pentecostal Pastor Mary Cosby lashed out at Whitney Rose on Twitter after catching word of a recent interview the fellow housewife did.

Mary Cosby

Source: Chad Kirkland / Bravo

During an interview with Access Hollywood’s “Housewives Nightcap” Whitney claimed that Mary “won’t speak” to her about allegations that her church is a cult. That allegations have been teased in an #RHOSLC trailer and alleged parishioners will speak on it this season. Mary has denied the claims.

Whitney says Mary won’t speak to her! #RHOSLC pic.twitter.com/6F6NRqdHCE

— The Real Housewives of SLC (@housewivesofslc) September 23, 2021


That interview CLEARLY pissed Mary off because she ranted on Twitter about Whitney being a “liar” “fake” and “racist.”

“Yes she’s racist I said it racist! Like her cousin” tweeted Mary. “You are such a liar! Whitney Rose. You know you don’t talk to me! With your Bobble Head! Humble yourself!

Mary previously called Whitney’s cousin/#RHOSLC costar Heather Gay “racist” as well.

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A post shared by Whitney Rose (@whitneywildrose)

She also added in a surprising tweet about Whitney allegedly “taking advantage of women in a bathroom.”

“Whitney Rose…needs to worry about on [sic] the women’ she took advantage of in the lady’s restroom one night at a club. Talk about your truth you liar.”

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A post shared by The Real Housewives of SLC (@housewivesofslc)

Wait, what is happening here?!


Meanwhile, Whitney is remaining unbothered.

I don’t respond to crazy or baseless accusations. May we all try a little harder to lead with love ❤️. #RHOSLC @BravoTV

— Whitney Rose (@whitneywildrose) September 24, 2021

As previously reported Mary has faced racism allegations herself.

On a previous episode, Mary Cosby’s ex-friend/castmate Jen Shah alleged that the Pentecostal Pastor made an offensive comment off-camera and said; “If I go to a 7-11 and I see Black people, I go to a different 7-11.”

According to Mary, that was untrue.

After already denying it in an IG rant and saying that Jen “twisted her words”, Mary vehemently denied it again during the #RHOSLC reunion—even though footage aired of her admitting to making the comment.

“I said I have a fear [of] when guys are standing out in front of a convenience store,” said Mary. 

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A post shared by 𝘔𝘢𝘳𝘺 𝘔. 𝘊𝘰𝘴𝘣𝘺 (@mary_m_cosby)

Mary then went on an interesting rant about Black men not being her preference and confusingly called her husband Robert Sr., who also happens to be her step-grandfather, and is very much a Black man, “white.”

Mary: “My taste of black guys — that’s not my taste…”

Andy Cohen: “Your taste is not for Black guys?!

Mary: “No.”

Andy Cohen: “You like white guys?

Mary: “Yes…”

Andy Cohen: “Well you’re married to a black guy.”

Mary: “Well, he’s white…yeah, I mean lighter…”

Andy Cohen: “Is your husband biracial”

Mary: “He’s black but my preference is lighter guys. […] “I need to improve on the way I convey things … The way I say things can come across [as] offensive. I think all colors of black are beautiful and I’m proud of it and I’m proud of my culture.”


If you don’t already watch The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City you should tune in.

It airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.


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