WELP! Fans Think Jay-Z Finished His ‘DONDA’ Verse For Kanye After Years Of Fraternal Feuding Because Of THIS…

The Throne is back together!

Kanye, Jay-Z

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Kanye West’s Donda album listening event had a few surprises, but none more talked about than Ye and Jay-Z reuniting on one of its tracks. The album, which live-streamed on Thursday night from the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta closed with a pleasantly surprising Jay-Z feature that felt like a huge moment of solidarity between the two rappers considering their past tension.

Jay-Z even raps his verse, “This might be the return of the throne.” So why now?

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We can’t say for sure, but some fans of Ye and Hov feel like this marks the renewal of their friendship because of one particular reason — Kanye and Kim divorcing.

not kanye divorcing kim to get jay z back

— kym (@crownmora) July 23, 2021

It might sound like a cruel joke, but there could be some truth in it. In 2018, Kanye opened up about feeling “hurt” that Jay-Z and Beyonce didn’t attend his 2014 wedding to Kim Kardashian in a 2-hour long interview with Charlamagne Tha God.

Respectfully, I have to say I was hurt that they didn’t come to the wedding. I understand they were going through some things, but if it’s family, you’re not gonna miss a wedding.”

“I’m not using my interview to put out any negative things, but I’ve got to state my truth,” he continues.

Charlamagne also addressed the rumor that Beyonce took issue with Kardashian, prompting the couple to skip out on his wedding. Kanye neither confirmed or denied it.

“I’m not sure,” he says. “I’m past it, but at the time I was hurt about it.”

We’re glad they’ve finally made amends, but do YOU think Kim being out of the picture has anything to do with it? Scroll down to see what people are saying.

Funny how now that Kanye West and Kim K are over, Jay Z is featured on the album #DONDA pic.twitter.com/mt14UMskvM

— Joshua Chenault (@joshuachenault1) July 23, 2021

It actually took a divorce from Kanye West and Kim K before he could feature Jay Z again..Back like old times 😅👏🏻

— Nungua Burna🥲(INFORMATION WC WIASE) (@viewsdey) July 23, 2021

Kanye left Kim and now him and Jay Z back on a song together…I’m here for it pic.twitter.com/dB4wrOlUF5

— ❤ WHO GON CHECK ME (@Chi_TownBeauty) July 23, 2021

Jay Z seeing Kim at the listening party after recording his verse because Kanye said they were done pic.twitter.com/FciKFjWEKG

— Ԁ$∀ (@anaswagprincess) July 23, 2021

Kanye making up with Jay Z to create one of the best songs this year reminds me of how we should’ve made up and been one of the best duos of all time. Never thought we would’ve separated like Kanye & Kim tho. life’s crazy like that. Hope u good. Lol you don’t gotta respond x pic.twitter.com/BqTiM11DPH

— shroom 🍄 (@gracejpg_) July 23, 2021

So someone said Kanye & Jay Z back Kim gone ? This is the best trade we’ve gotten since AD went to the lakers.. The internet is mad 😂

— Don Dreezy🎩 (@Maynulaglobal) July 23, 2021




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“Put A Ring On It” Exclusive: Darien Decides Not To Go On Another Date With A Woman Alexia Has An Issue With [VIDEO]

Friday nights are all about love and relationships on OWN!

Put A Ring On It OWN

Source: OWN / OWN

“Put A Ring On It” is back with a brand new episode on Friday, July 23rd and we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek clip for your viewing pleasure. This week Darion and Alexia meet with Dr. Nicole to discuss how the dating process has been going and he reveals he won’t be going on any more dates with Kai because Alexia has an issue with her — although he isn’t sure what it is.

Wow! We know all the guys had to be loving what Dr. Nicole had to say to Alexia. Do you agree that she’s being controlling and trying to manipulate Darion to get her way? How many folks have used that argument, to paraphrase — “I’m not telling you what to do — I’m telling you how I feel so when you do whatever you do know that I will act accordingly”?

Here’s what to expect from the episode:

Struggling to make Alexia happy, Darion faces an ultimatum from Kai. Shon considers his next move with Brittany while Eric and Jessica revisit their trust issues. After her date with heartthrob Monte, Alexia may be ready to throw in the towel with Darion.

A new episode of “Put A Ring On It” airs Friday, July 23rd at 10PM EST on OWN.

Will you be watching?

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“Love And Marriage: Huntsville” Exclusive: Melody Accuses Martell Of Going On A Tour Of Disrespect [VIDEO]

If you thought Melody and Martell Holt had a bumpy marriage — just wait until they navigate being divorced in front of the whole world!

Love And Marriage: Huntsville Episodic Photos

Source: Courtesy OWN / Oprah Winfrey Network

It’s Thursday and we’re two days away from a brand new episode of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville,” but you’re in luck. We’ve got an exclusive preview clip for your viewing pleasure. This time around Melody and Martell Holt face-off over social media and interviews on the next episode of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” on OWN. Martell acknowledges he upset Mel by mentioning his new baby in a post about their daughter Malani but argues it’s his social media and he can post whatever he wants. Mel responds by pointing out Martell also made his rounds in the press badmouthing her.

Who is in the wrong here? Is Martell correct that they should be looking forward to the future instead of dwelling on the past? Does he owe her some apologies for things he said in the press?

Here’s what else to expect from the episode:

Melody and Martell meet with a specialist to help with co-parenting. Maurice and Kimmi agree to try sitting down with Kiuwha again. LaTisha warns Marsau that if the baby rumors are true, their marriage is over. Martell and Vanessa have a tense exchange.

Dang… Is it about to be a wrap for Tisha and Marsau too? Y’all don’t think THOSE rumors are true — do you?

A new episode of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” airs Saturday, July 24th at 9pm EST on OWN.

Will you be watching?

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Here’s How Michael Blackson’s Ex-Fiancee Reacted To Him Getting Engaged…

Ludacris And 50 Cent Headline Official Billboard Music Awards After Party At Drais Nightclub At The Cromwell In Las Vegas May 22

Source: Bryan Steffy/BBMA2016 / Getty

Michael Blackson’s ex, Georgia Reign, has reacted to his fans questioning her about how she feels regarding him popping the question to his new boo and she simply wants them to stop!

The couple split publicly in 2017 after Georgia accused Michael of infidelity. They did attempt to make things work a few months later but time didn’t heal their wounds unfortunately. Previously, the starred in a reality show together, callled “Living With Funny,” featuring comedians and their relationships.

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Georgia says she woke up to a plethora of messages about Micheal and decied to address all of them at once on social media.

I woke up to tags, comments and tons of followers and I’m like “what did I do?”

You get the point pleeeeeeeease you all, let that man live. I left him four years ago and I’m happy he knows he could never get me back and I never give him what he wants, lol. I just need for you all to stop tagging me in every post of him doing something!

Georgia finished her statement by letting people know she and Michael are actually cordial and she wished them nothing but happiness.

I’m at peace we’re cordial lol let them be happy and let me be happy. Thank you.

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