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6-Year-Old St. Louis Boy’s Plea To Stop Gun Violence Goes Viral



For Real? Ben Carson Says ‘Poverty Is A State Mind’

For Real? Ben Carson Says ‘Poverty Is A State Mind’For Real? Ben Carson Says ‘Poverty Is A State Mind’


Family-Centered Georgia School Enhances Parental Engagement

T eachers, students and parents at Oakview Elementary School in Decatur, Georgia celebrated the successful end of another school year with a cookout.

Principal Rodney Mallory announced at the gathering in April that the University of Phoenix and the National Action Network (NAN) attended Family Day to announce that they are delivering resources that would enhance parental involvement and the relationship between the school and its community.

Oakview Elementary 1

Source: Nigel Roberts / Oakview Elementary School Family Day

Byron Jones , University of Phoenix chief financial officer, told the crowd that the university is donating financial support and resources to the school, including professional development training for Oakview’s teachers and the Strengthening Families program, which is a resiliency-based family skills training curriculum.


Source: Nigel Roberts / Oakview Elementary School Family Day

Mallory told NewsOne that encouraging parental involvement is a key to success for his students. To that end, his team organizes several events throughout the academic year to encourage parents to come to the school and meet with their child’s teacher, thus strengthen the family-school bond.

Strengthening that link is needed at schools in the county. DeKalb County, which has the third largest school district in Georgia, had the highest number of schools in the state with unsatisfactory culture in 2015, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.


Source: Nigel Roberts / Oakview Elementary School Family Day

The University of Phoenix and NAN launched a similar program in January at Baltimore’s Booker T. Washington Middle School for the Arts. In 2016, the civil rights organization and the university conducted a four-city tour (Baltimore, Atlanta, Richmond, Va., and Columbia, S.C.), as a first step toward revitalizing the school-community relationship nationwide.


University Of Phoenix Announces Partnership With Community & Education Leaders

Redeveloping Community Schools: Atlanta

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Watch: San Antonio Cop Repeatedly Punches 14-Year-Old Girl

Y et another police officer has been caught on video violently assaulting a young unarmed person of color.

This time it’s a 14-year-old girl.

The New York Daily News reports the incident took place Saturday outside an event center in San Antonio, Texas, where authorities say officers were called about men fighting at a teen quinceanera. The video appears to show the girl move toward the officer before he hits her for the first time. He then hits her again, and she falls into people standing nearby. He appears to hit her again before he and other officers arrest her. The girl’s mother can be heard pleading, “ No! No! No! No! Let her go! ” during the arrest. San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor said the video “ is hard to watch and listen to .” The eighth-grader was charged with assaulting a public servant and taken to a juvenile detention center where she spent the weekend and was released on Monday. She is described her as an honor student with no history of violence. SOURCE: New York Daily News San Antonio Cop Fired For Giving Homeless Man Sandwich Filled With Dog Excrement San Antonio Cop Who Fatally Shot Man Holding Cell Phone To Be Fired 40 Black Men & Youths Who Were Killed By Police 37 photos Launch gallery 1. Amadou Diallo, 22 1 of 37

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Bill Cosby Lawyers Say Prosecution Is Keeping Black Folks Off His Jury

B ill Cosby’s lawyers cried foul on Tuesday when they accused prosecutors of trying to keep black jurors off of his sexual assault.

“We believe this is systematic exclusion of African-Americans ,” defense lawyer Brian McMonagle complained, lodging what’s known as a Batson challenge, reports NBC News .

The charge came after the Montgomery County district attorney’s struck two black women from the jury who gave similar answers to questions as two white jurors who wee accepted.

The office also reportedly used one of its seven peremptory challenges to remove a black woman with a scandal in her past.

Jurors cannot not be excluded on the basis of race or gender, yet it is difficult to prove that jurors are being removed on the basis of race.

The judge in the case said said he had decided to keep the woman on the anonymous jury because the prosecution had offered a “race-neutral” explanation, though he said the defense could present a statistical analysis of the prosecutions decisions to prove its bias point.

We believe it is of paramount importance we seat a diverse jury ,” McMonagle said, especially in light of the fact that the comedian is a black man accused to drugging and assaulting a white woman, given the history of racial and sexual politics in this country.

Cosby, 79, is facing a sexual assault charge in the case of former Temple University employee Andrea Constand , who claims Cosby drugged and molested her in 2004.

His trial is set to begin June 5 in Montgomery County, in the suburbs of Philadelphia.



Evin Cosby Defends Her Father Bill Cosby In Passionate Social Media Post

Bill Cosby Defamation Lawsuit Dismissed


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