Disgusting! Korean Boss Slaps Black Female Employee

On Friday, May 18, at Doo’s Seafood in Snellville just 40 minutes outside of Atlanta, Markus Moultrie’s order was incorrect and he was issued a refund of $8.47. According to Moultrie, the restaurant owner, who is Korean, blamed the Black female employee for having to issue a refund, though it was actually his wife who made the error. Moultrie wrote on Facebook that the wife of the manager told the employee “she had to pay for my meal….I told her that’s nonsense if you the one who f*cked up my order then you need to pay for it.”

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The owner, who is identified as Mr. Lee, on the website, jumped into the argument and allegedly slapped his female employee. You cannot fully see the slap on camera, but other people in the restaurant confirmed he did hit her. Watch the disturbing video  below:

No word on what happened after the video ended, but we hope the woman who was assaulted pressed charges.

There has been a long  history of contention between Korean business and Black customers and employees. Most famous was Latasha Harlins, a 15-year-old who was fatally shot by 51-year-old Korean store owner Soon Ja Du in 1991. After a scuffle over orange juice, Du killed Harlins as she was walking away. She served no jail time.

As recent as March of 2017, a Korean store owner in Chicago attacked a Black woman after accusing her of stealing. The store owner reportedly lost his job but was never arrested or charged. Even beyond businesses, in 2014, a Chinese-American NYPD police officer was acquitted of fatally shooting and killing an unarmed Akai Gurley in the stairwell of a Brooklyn housing project.

While Koreans and Chinese people are ethnic minorities in the United States, they are often considered the “model-minority” with more privilege than Black people. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in 2013,  39 percent of Black children were in poverty while 10 percent of Asian children were. In addition, Asian adults with a Bachelor’s degree or higher made $59,900 a year, while Black adults with the same education earned $20,500 per year.

Therefore, history tells us a Korean man could assault a Black woman on camera and there will be

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Republican Infighting Puts Changes To Food Stamp Program In Limbo

The future of the food stamp program (“Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program” or SNAP) was unclear on Monday (May 21) after conservative Republicans torpedoed a bill that included the Trump administration’s proposed reforms.

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In a revolt against party leadership, hardline conservatives voted against the Republicans’ sweeping farm bill on Friday, a blow against House Speaker Paul Ryan who championed the bill as a giant step toward welfare reform.

Massive defeat for Paul Ryan, as corporate-agribusiness, corporate-polluter, cruel-conservative #FarmBill fails 213-198 vote. The defeat of this bill is some of the best news out of Congress this year — and a fitting smackdown for a House Speaker who has ALWAYS failed farmers.

— John Nichols (@NicholsUprising) May 18, 2018

Farm bills come before Congress every five years and include agricultural subsidies, as well as programs to provide food to low-income families. The Trump administration and Ryan wanted this farm bill to pass because it included historic new work requirements for food stamp beneficiaries that conservatives have wanted for years. Under the proposed reforms, eligibility for assistance would require millions of lower-income earning people to work at least 20 hours a week or enroll in a job training program.

However, conservatives broke with their leaders over an unrelated internal fight over immigration. The party’s extremist wing is angry that Ryan and moderate Republicans failed to bring their immigration policy agenda to vote. They decided to use the farm bill as leverage to get their way. By holding up passage of the farm bill, the extremists believe they could pressure party leaders to bring immigration legislation up for a vote first and then return to food stamp reform.

Meanwhile, the battle over food stamp reform is on hold, with an uncertain future. Democrats need the support of moderate Republicans to block the proposed changes.

“A big overarching problem in America isn’t that poor people aren’t working hard enough; it’s that their wages aren’t high enough, their jobs & hours can be unpredictable & their employers don’t provide robust enough

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5 Parents Of Police Shooting And Gun Violence Victims Who Are Making An Impact

Several unarmed Black men, women, boys and girls have been killed because of gun and police violence, with an increase in media coverage since 2012. And in recent years, the parents of slain sons and daughters have wiped away tears and fought for justice.

A group of parents called Mothers Of The Movement have been on the front lines in fighting for justice since the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in February 2012. Martin’s death prompted a national outcry, fueling the Black Lives Matter movement that has grown to include millions across the nation. Other groups, such as the Movement for Black Lives, have also raised their voices as a result of the gun and police-related deaths of people of color.

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Here are some of the courageous mothers and fathers who are making a difference in communities across the nation:

Samaria Rice 

A grief-stricken Rice lost her son, 12-year-old Tamir Rice, who was killed by ex-Cleveland cop Timothy Loehmann on November 22, 2014. Police said they mistook Rice’s toy gun for a real one. His mother will honor her son with The Tamir Rice Afrocentric Cultural Center, a program for mentoring youth, reported.

“For Samaria Rice, the center is a gift to Tamir. It's solid assurance that while he never grew to be a man, his legacy will not fade.”

— Advancement Project (@adv_project) May 20, 2018

Lucy McBath

McBath was brokenhearted when her 17-year-old son Jordan Davis was killed by motorist Michael Dunn in Jacksonville, Florida on November 23, 2012. Dunn downplayed the heinous and deadly act as the result of his anger over loud music playing in Davis’ car. McBath, who has been an outspoken public advocate for gun reform, is running for a seat in Georgia’s 6th congressional district, CNN reported. She will face three opponents in a primary on Tuesday (May 22).

Lucy McBath refused to be quiet after her son was shot and killed. Now she's running for Congress.

— CNN (@CNN) May 20, 2018

Lesley McSpadden

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Report: Black Woman Jailed After Allegedly Being Sexually Assaulted By State Trooper

Activist Shaun King is shining a light on a story that is getting little to no media attention.

According to his social media posts, on Sunday, May 20, Sherita Dixon Cole was pulled over by a Texas state trooper identified as Officer Hubbard in Waxahachie, Texas. She immediately called her boyfriend, making him aware she was being stopped and told him the location. Allegedly, she was pulled over because the officer suspected she was under the influence. Cole voluntarily passed all tests, including a breathalyzer. However, the officer “didn’t like [her] attitude” and said she was going to jail. King’s post claims, “He handcuffed her hands behind her back and placed Cole in the front passenger seat of his patrol vehicle. Hubbard then took a seat beside Cole and placed his hand on her thigh. He asked her if she wanted to go home as he hiked up her skirt. He told her that she could earn her way home, if she really wanted to go.”

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According to the post from King, Cole’s boyfriend “arrived just as the officer began to accost her.” She said he was armed and Hubbard reportedly said, ‘If you tell him what happened he will be armed and his fire arm will be visible when I have to shoot him.’ Hubbard went out to speak with Cole’s boyfriend and allowed him to speak with her briefly in his presence. She told him that she passed the DUI/DWI protocol but the officer said he was taking her in anyway ‘because of [her] attitude.'” Her boyfriend wanted to follow them to the jail, but the officer allegedly said he would be arrested if he followed.

According to King’s posts, Cole reported being sexually assaulted but she was still held in jail. She is reportedly in the hospital now for the assault. King is asking that “the arresting officer in this case have all of his clothes from this shift fully tested for bodily fluids. It is our belief that they held Sherita for nearly 24 hours without cause to attempt to cover up this assault.” King also reports the officer deleted all of his social media.

The Texas Department of Public Safety released a statement, quickly refuting the allegations and saying, “

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Ending Public Marijuana Arrests Is Nice, But What About Racial Bias In Policing?

Although several states have legalized marijuana, Black people are still being arrested at an alarming rate for weed because of racially biased policing. A new policy proposed by New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio has sought to reduce public marijuana arrests.

The New York Police Department was urged Sunday (May 20) to stop arresting people who smoke marijuana in public, according to the New York Post. De Blasio advised officers to instead hand out summonses for sidewalk toking, as New York takes a cue from other states and moves toward making marijuana legal.

“My focus now will be helping to craft the critical regulatory framework that must come before legalization is realized,” the mayor said.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio tells police to end arrests for marijuana smoking

— CNN (@CNN) May 21, 2018

De Blasio’s move could have national implications if other states follow his lead, including possibly spurring police departments to address racial disparities in weed arrests. Nationwide, the number of arrests of Black people for marijuana outweighs that of whites, despite roughly equal usage rates.

Blacks are 3.73 times more likely than whites to be arrested for marijuana, according to the latest research from the ACLU. 

The War on Drugs has been tied to the historically aggressive, racially biased enforcement of laws pertaining to marijuana within Black communities. As marijuana legislation has come to states such as Vermont and California, there has been a reduction in arrests nationwide. However, the reduction hasn’t included African Americans who are still targeted and thrown in jail at a higher rate for weed, according to the Drug Policy Alliance.

New York cops can still detain smokers with open arrest warrants whom they see smoking, and possibly also frisk them for weapons or other contraband, according to the Post.

Racially biased policing must be addressed to help end racial disparities with arrests. The NYPD said they are working to “ensure enforcement is consistent with the values of fairness and trust,” but there’s more than must be done, especially considering that New York police officers have been caught in horrible brutality incidents and were responsible for fatal shooti

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