Wendy Williams Sued Because Sherri Shepherd Called Out Racism On Her Show

So now calling out racism will get you hit with a lawsuit?

Back in February, Sherri Shepherd said she and her friend Kim asked if they could use the bathroom at a Los Angeles Staples and were racially profiled. She wrote on Instagram, “Kim asked where was their restroom & we were told they were broken and we needed t [sic] go to @riteaid. Kim walked over to #RiteAid but their bathroom was in use so she came back to #Staples. Another employee gave us the combination to their #bathroom which worked fine.”

Sherri claims the cashier began yelling and telling them that employees are instructed to only allow paying customers to use the restroom. Sherri said the cashier screamed at her, “I am not going to take this s**t. I am not going to take this f*****g s**t!” and then walked away.

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Staples reached out to Sherri and said they would investigate the incident. One unidentified employee was reportedly fired after the investigation.

Sherri talked about the incident on several media outlets, including The Wendy Williams Show. Now the woman who got fired is suing Sherri Shepherd—and Wendy Williams for airing the episode. reports, “In docs, obtained by TMZ, Reyes says she got canned 5 days after Sherri’s post. Reyes says her supervisor told her the bathrooms were getting fixed, and instructed her to keep customers away. She says that’s the only reason she stopped Sherri. Reyes claims Shepherd and her friend confronted her while ringing them up … calling her a liar and accusing her of racism. Reyes admits she said, ‘I’m not taking this s***’ and walked away.”

The site continued, “Reyes says she was told she was getting fired for swearing, but she thinks the real reason was Sherri accusing her of racism.” Reyes is suing for loss of wages and other damages.

Well, good luck with that lawsuit, boo. Before no one knew your name, and now everyone will know you are the woman who sued because you were accused of racial profiling. And shouldn’t you be suing your former employer—or did you want some attention in the media?



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Jay Z Rips Into The Mayor Of Philadelphia For Moving ‘Made In America’ And He Responds

Jay Z‘s Made In America is one of the most popular music festivals in the country. However, this year will be its last at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia, because the mayor pulled the plug on the location, claiming it was too expensive, even though Roc Nation covered approximately half the costs. However, Jay Z is not happy and wrote a biting piece in The Philadelphia Inquirer, ripping into Mayor Jim Kenney, who quickly responded.

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Jay accused the mayor of evicting the event “through a media outlet, without a sit-down meeting, notice, dialogue, or proper communication.” He said, “It signifies zero appreciation for what Made In America has built alongside the phenomenal citizens of this city. In fact, this administration immediately greeted us with a legal letter trying to stop the 2018 event.”

The festival was also a huge boost to Philadelphia’s economy, according to Jay, “Since 2012, Made in America, one of the only minority-owned festivals, has had a positive $102.8 million economic impact to Philadelphia, and the festival has paid $3.4 million in rent to the city. Made in America employs more than 1,000 Philadelphians each day and 85 percent of our partners are Philadelphia-based companies.”

Jay also insinuated that race was a factor, “We consider this stance a failure on the mayor’s part. Is this an accurate representation of how he and his administration treat partners that economically benefit his city? Do they regularly reject minority-owned businesses that want to continue to thrive and grow alongside his city’s people?”

Mayor Kenney responded via a statement, “The City of Philadelphia supports the Made in America festival and is greatly appreciative of all that it has done for Philadelphia. We are committed to its continued success and thank them for their partnership. We hope to be able to resolve what has been an unfortunate misunderstanding.  We are working with Roc Nation and Live Nation to resolve this issue and we are committed to continuing our partnership with the Made in America festival.”

No word on where else Made in America will take place but judging from the passive statement above from the mayor, it mi

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‘Stop fingering me bruh’: Lawsuit Against DC Cop Spotlights Abusive Police Stops, Attorney Says

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) called attention to abusive and illegal police stops in the nation’s capital and in other cities across the country.

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A video showing an invasive search, that included the groping of a man’s genitals and rear end, is at the center of a lawsuit filed Wednesday by the ACLU, on behalf of the man, WUSA-TV reported.

The lawsuit claimed that District of Columbia Officer Sean Lojacono violated M.B. Cottingham’s Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures by government officers. The ACLU is now calling other people subjected to the same treatment to come forward.

We sued on behalf of M.B. Cottingham today, but we need to do more to shed light on stops and frisks across our city. If D.C. police did something like this to you, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 202-601-4269 #ShareYourTruth

— ACLU of DC (@ACLU_DC) July 18, 2018

Cottingham, a 39-year-old father, and a few friends were sitting in lawn chairs on a public sidewalk with an open container of alcohol in October 2017. Several officers approached them and asked if they had weapons, which they didn’t.

Lojacono noticed a small bulge in Cottingham’s sock that turned out to be a small bag containing less than an eighth of an ounce of marijuana, a quantity that’s legal to possess in the District of Columbia. Cottingham gave the officers permission to conduct a quick pat down. But it turned out be much more invasive.

“Come on man! Come on man!” Cottingham protested on the video. “He stuck his finger in my crack, man!”

Lojacono put handcuffs on Cottingham and did it a few more times. “Come on man! Stop fingering me, though, bruh!” he stated. The cops didn’t cite any of the men.

Stops and frisks happen every single day in Wards 7 & 8 in #DC. We're grateful for Mr. Cottingham to bravely come forward and speak out against these kinds of abusive practices by @DCPoliceDept

— ACLU of DC (@ACLU_DC) July 18, 2018

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White Church Folks Are Really Terrified Of Brown People

White evangelicals are losing their minds because they see the increase of Black and brown folks in America as a negative for the country, according to a report from The Washington Post. Yep, to them, racial and ethnic diversity is a terrible thing — unless these melanin-blessed folks are picking their fruit or their servants.

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The Post reports, “More than half — 52 percent — of white evangelical Protestants say a majority of the U.S. population being nonwhite will be a negative development, according to the Public Religion Research Institute and the Atlantic.”

And of course there is a Trump link, “White evangelicals continue to overwhelmingly support Trump. More than three quarters (77 percent) of white evangelical Protestants have a favorable opinion of Trump. And half of white mainline Protestants and white Catholics — groups that have supported Democratic presidents in the recent past — have favorable views of Trump.” Clearly, Trump’s racism is draw, this is the same who refereed to African nations and Haiti as a “sh*thole.”

The census projects that by 2045  white folks will be in the minority with 49.9 percent, Latinos are expected to be 25 percent and Black Americans will be just over 13 percent of the population. In addition, Asians will be nearly 8 percent and multiracial people will be almost 4 percent.

Clearly, white Christians praying to their lily white God are afraid of the browns and Black taking over but don’t fret, 49.9 percent is still a huge number. Sure, if you add all the brown people they would be in the minority, but the real question is will they still have all the power to create and dismantle policy? The globe is majority brown, but controlled by majority white people. It’s all about the power.


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White House Spokeswoman Called ‘Uncle Tom’ At Correspondents’ Dinner

Black Police Officer Shot And Killed In His Home

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Museum May Be Built To Memorialize Black Prisoners Whose Bodies Were Found In Texas

A new museum may be built to pay homage to dozens of deceased Black prisoners who worked on plantations more than a century ago. A prisoners’ memorial was recently suggested after 94 sets of remains were discovered at an unmarked cemetery in Fort Bend County, Texas.

“We’re trying to move forward in a positive way, getting them memorialized, getting them a museum put together, giving them recognition,” Moore told CBS affiliate KHOU 11.

Crews discovered the hidden cemetery during the construction of a $59 million career and technical center in April. Forty-eight sets of bodies were already exhumed at the active archological site, with the bodies believed to have been buried between 1878 and 1910. As to how the prisoners were killed or who buried them, those questions are unanswered.

Dozens of bodies exhumed in Texas likely those of black inmates forced to work on plantations

— CBS News (@CBSNews) July 18, 2018

The majority of the bodies are men with only one woman, running the gamut from 14 to 70 years of age, Catrina Banks Whitley, a bio archeologist working at the site, said. The exhuming process will continue until a later unnamed date.

In addition to the remains, artifacts were also found at the site.

“Some of these chains, especially the ones that date prior to the Industrial Revolution, some of them have swivels on them, which were more than likely utilized in chain gangs,” Reign Clark, the Archaeological Project Manager at the site, said.

Moore believes the bodies should be buried nearby at the Old Imperial Farm Cemetery in Sugar Land, Texas. There are likely to be more unmarked cemeteries that will be discovered, experts said.

The Fort Bend ISD Career and Technical Center will cover the cemetery ground after the exhumating is completed, with plans to finish the building next fall.


Walgreens Uses Motion Sensors To Racially Profile Black People, Customer Says

Shots Fired! 30 Subliminal Darts Obama Threw At Trump During His South Africa Speech

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