911 Audio Released Of White Man Who Called Cops Because He Was ‘Fouled Too Hard’ Playing Basketball

On Monday, July 16, at an LA Fitness in Sterling, Virginia, a white man called the cops on a Black man who goes by the name of TrapMoneyBenny on Twitter. Benny wrote in a series of tweets that when the white man felt he was fouled too hard, “He gets up tells everyone he’s going to call the police and walks out leaving everyone in gym confused.” He continued: “We thought he was joking til we saw buddy at the front desk on the phone really calling the police.”

Now the 911 call has been released and the white man actually claimed he got assaulted.

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Listen below:

Here is a transcript of the call, courtesy of


LA FITNESS CLERK: Hi, yes I’m calling from LA Fitness at the Dulles Town Center, and, uh, a member got assaulted.

LCSO: Okay, and this occurred inside the business, or, where did it happen?

CLERK: Uh, it happened in the basketball court.

LCSO: Is the person that assaulted him still there?

CLERK: Um, is the person—let me ask him. [Pause] Yes, still in the gym.

LCSO: Can I get a description of the suspect?

CLERK: Um, [addressing someone in room] excuse me, excuse me. What does he look like? [Male voice in room: He’s tall, African-American, like six-four, six-five, he’s got sleeves, headband.]

CLERK: Uh, he’s tall, African-American, he has long sleeves and, uh, a headband you said? And a headband.

LCSO: And are you the desk clerk?

CLERK: Yes, I’m working at the front desk.

LCSO: And is the victim with you at the front desk?


LCSO: Does the victim need an ambulance, anything like that?

CLERK: No—uh, no.

LCSO: And what is your name?

CLERK: [redacted]

LCSO: What is your last name?

CLERK: [redacted]

LCSO: And your phone number there?

CLERK: Um, [redacted]

LCSO: Okay. Okay, we’ll have a deputy come and see everybody there, okay?

CLERK: Okay, thank you.

LCSO: Okay.

Thankfully, the cops knew the call was BS. Benny explained on Twitter, “Cop finally comes and brings them out the gym to talk like it was an elementary school fight. You could tell he was blown cause his time was w

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People Over Profits? NYC Jails Decision To Allow Inmates Free Calls May Set National Precedent

New York City jail inmates will soon be able to make calls for free. Lawmakers passed the Intro 741-A bill that allows the city to become the first to de-commercialize prison phone use — and possibly set a national precedent.

The New York City Council passed the measure Wednesday, July 18, but Mayor Bill de Blasio will have to approve it, said CW affiliate PIX 11. A significant number of inmates — just under 10,000 — will be affected by the measure if it is given the green light by de Blasio.

VICTORY! @NYCCouncil passed Intro 741 and made all calls free from NYC jails! NYC is the first jurisdiction to make calls free in its jails since correctional systems started charging for them. This will save communities over $8M a year. #PeopleOverProfits #DecommercializeJustice

— Corrections Accountability Project (CAP at UJC) (@correctionsproj) July 18, 2018

“Families and friends of incarcerated individuals should not have to choose between hearing from their loved ones and paying their bills just because these individuals cannot afford to pay for phone calls,” NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson, who sponsored the bill, said. “Introduction 741-A will guarantee that individuals who are in custody in our jails do not have to pay to stay in touch with the people who support them and ensure the City does not make any money off these phone calls.”

Most who pay for calls from incarcerated family and friends will likely agree with the decision, as they will collectively save more than $8 million annually, according to the Corrections Accountability Project, an initiative of the NYC-based nonprofit Urban Justice Center focused on ending the exploitation of prisoners.

The biggest question about the measure may be whether it will inspire change in more correctional systems nationwide. There has been a resurgence in advocacy for prison reform in recent months — from popular support over releasing rapper Meek Mill from behind bars in April to civil rights organizations urging Congress to include jail sentencing changes as part of the White House-supported legislation termed the First Step Act.

Several reforms — including limits on solitary confinement, providing college education in prisons and assistance for particularly vulnerab

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Modeling While Black: Women Say They Were Discriminated Against At Miami Swim Week

It looks like racism has once again reared its ugly head in the fashion industry. Several brown-skinned models were dismissed from a casting call for a Miami Swim Week show because of their complexion on July 12, they said.

KYA Swim, a California-based swim line designer, was put on blast for alleged discrimination in a Facebook video posted July 13.

“Maybe 10 to 15 black models were dismissed. They said casting was closed just so we can move faster and so we get out of line — and they open the line back up,” Joia Talbott, a model, said in the clip.

“I’m at a loss for words. I’m still trying to process what happened. All of us had to get out of the line — they told us they didn’t want any more black models,” said Kacey Leggett, who was a contestant on the 15th cycle of “America’s Next Top Model.”

The two models called out the racism — a long-running problem in the fashion industry. The women expressed that they wanted Black models to feel welcomed on the runway.

“And afros are a no-no so I didn’t stand a chance right?” Talbott said. “We’re ready to go back to L.A. where we’re appreciated — and booked.”

“Somebody tell Miami there’s no such thing as too much brown skin,” Leggett said.

Models say they were turned away from a Miami Swim Week casting call for being black

— Miami Herald (@MiamiHerald) July 18, 2018

Talbott and Leggett weren’t the only ones to speak out about the casting. Kate Citrone, who is also a model, didn’t understand why KYA Swim shut down Black models, she told Fashion Week Online.

“Not only was the casting cut short upon the dismissal of dark skin models, but upon leaving, I noticed the designer still accepting models of a fairer skin type at the door, bringing them upstairs, comp cards in hand,” she said.

Instagram Photo

KYM Swim, unsurprisingly, expressed statements of shock over the allegations and gave a statement about  “diversity-being-valued.” The industry has made progress by putting more Black models in shows,

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Black Student Wrongfully Accused Of Dining And Dashing At IHOP Breaks Silence

ABlack Washington University freshman who was wrongfully accused of dining and dashing at an IHOP in Clayton, Missouri spoke his peace about the profiling incident on Thursday, July 19.

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“It kind of brought me to a realization. I studied racism for the past few years since the beginning of high school,” Teddy Washington said to CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota after agreeing with her that police were skeptical of the group and had tried  to “pull over” African-American males based on a profile they had been given.

“It brought a situation where I am a lot more present and aware of the presence of racism in our society,” Washington said. “I also think that it happening in St. Louis didn’t surprise me as far as the history of St. Louis. I think in this moment I know that … I have a voice and I can make some changes. My next move is to do what I can to make the world a better place to live in. I think this is a good start.”

Washington, along with nine other African-American students, were thrust into the national spotlight when police stopped them after receiving a complaint from an IHOP manager about about five Black men having skipped out on a $62 bill on July 8. After Washington and the rest of the group had a late-night meal and paid their bill, they exited the restaurant. They were confronted by officers in multiple squad cars who thought they were the African-American customers who had dined and dashed, The Associated Press reported.

Police told them about the situation at IHOP, asked if they came from the restaurant and if they would show their receipts as proof of payment, Washington told CNN. The students were then marched back to IHOP by police with squad cars following them. The IHOP manager told police that the young men were not the group that dashed and dined before cops let them go.

Pancakes and police? Black students were stopped by cops who wrongfully blamed them for dining and dashing at #IHOP. #LivingWhileBlack

— NewsOne (@newsone) July 17, 2018

An internal investigation was launched into the incident, St. L

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Father Of Unarmed Man Who Was Bitten By Police Dog And Died Speaks Out

On Saturday, June 14, Rashaun Washington was reportedly shirtless in front of a house in Vineland, New Jersey, and police believed he looked “suspicious.” Officers confronted the 37-year-old and as reported by NBC, “They instructed him to back down, but Washington was agitated and did not cooperate. At least one rifle was pointed at him during the confrontation, according to the video. Soon, shots rang out and Washington dropped to the ground. A police dog lunged at Washington. Miller said the dog bit his son’s face as he died.” Reportedly, Washington was unarmed and only had a water bottle and a T-shirt in his hand.

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Washington’s father Reignald Miller told NBC, “There’s all these officers and everybody’s got guns pointed at him. They got high-powered assault rifles. They got a dog barking at him and he’s got nothing in his hand but a water bottle and a T-shirt,” Miller said. “He had to feel threatened with everybody pointing everything at him.” He also said, “Why did he have to die in that matter? None of that had to happen.” Miller was a father to an 11-year-old and 13-year-old.

The officer who fatally shot Washington is now on administrative leave. Peter Alfinito, who is with the Burlington County Fraternal Order of Police, said responding officers faced “too much uncertainty” with Washington. “Two minutes is a lifetime when you are with someone … who is not cooperating.” Damn.

What a heartless response. See the video below of Washington minutes before his death. The full footage of the shooting has not been released.

Our condolences go out to Washington’s friends and family.


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